You wish to escape from everyday life? You are looking for a real adventure? The Escape Agency offers a new and extraordinary recreational experience in Nuremberg.

Alongside your friends, relatives or colleagues, you will enter a new and exciting world full of mysterious locks and codes. The door closes behind you, you are locked in, from now on there is but one objective for your team and you: escape! In order to escape, find the hidden hints and clues, decipher the secret codes and solve the tricky riddles. But don’t panic, you will need no power, solely your brains, intellect, team spirit and creativity. But we won’t make it that simple for you…there’s a time limit of 60 minutes and the clock will be ticking relentlessly.

A team consists of 2 to 5 participants. The game time is 60 minutes. In addition to this, 15 minutes before and after the game should be scheduled.