Escape Agency

Nuremberg’s first Escape the Room game

You are fed up with everyday life? You want to be the hero in the story?

The Escape Agency, the first Escape The Room game in Nuremberg, offers exactly what you are looking for.

Locked in a room, the race against time begins! Find the hidden hints and decipher the secret codes. There are no limits to your imagination. But remember, the clock is ticking relentlessly and your adrenaline level is rising with less and less time remaining.


Gather up your team and face the challenge!

Please note: The following restrictions apply due to covid-19:

We need evidence of full vaccination against covid-19 and a test not older than 24 hours. Otherwise players are not allowed to use our rooms.

Players need to wear a FFP2 mask during their stay at Escape Agency.

Players who show signs of sickness may not participate due to covid-19 restrictions.

Players need to keep distance of 1.5m to our game masters.

Thank you very much for your understanding.